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Bringing artists and businesses to life !

Show and Tell

AMP the Music welcome all artists and actors to the show.  This is a place where you come alive, be yourself, and have fun while doing it.  It is literally your time to shine on a nationwide network.  Introduce your new single, album, platform, or fan base; it’s up to you.  AMP your vocals for the nation to hear or AMP your video for our viewers to see.  Take your career to a new level or come to just to stay relevant.  Add AMP the Music as part of your campaign solution.  Contact us today.



Need a business boost?  You have come to the right place.  AMP the Music welcome all businesses.  We offer commercials within our segments for your marketing efforts.  We encourage sponsorship due to the wide variety of viewers who watch and visit the show.  Contact us today.


AMP the Music welcomes show and tell produces.  Appear on the show to advertise and demonstrate your product live for our viewers.  Reach customers who other wise would not have known about your product. Contact us today. 


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